Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Dental teeth cleaning or checkup is also known as a hygiene appointment. It doesn’t just involve teeth cleaning, but if you had a filling done, or gotten a smile makeover, your hygiene appointment would allow the dentist to check if they are in good condition or not. Dental cleaning and checkup help in promoting healthier bones and gums. Many dental conditions can be identified and prevented from getting worse during regular checkups and cleaning visits. With early detection and treatment, you can avoid costly and potentially serious dental problems. Poor oral hygiene can lead to severe implications for cardiovascular or general health. It can also impair your ability to eat and digest your food, causing severe nutritional and systemic problems.

Do dental examinations and cleaning go hand in hand?

When you go for a dental cleaning visit, the dentist will first review and assess your health history. This will help the dentist in determining any existing medical conditions that could affect your treatment. The dentist will begin with digital X-rays for a comprehensive dental examination. Then there will be oral cancer, and oral lesions screening along with an examination for oral symptoms of other serious illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Through a thorough teeth exam, a possible new or already existing decay is detected, for which the dentist explains and provides you with given treatment options. During the periodontal exam, the dentist evaluates your gums, checking for any signs of gum disease by measuring periodontal pockets with a probe.

What do routine dental teeth cleaning involve?

The dental cleaning involves the following procedure:

First, the dentist will check for areas of teeth that may be contaminated with plaque and tartar. Then the dentist removes deposits of calculus with the help of an ultrasonic scaler that sprays water. The scalers are used in cleaning all the teeth surfaces like the tiny gaps between teeth and along the gum line, where there may be a plaque, tartar, and gum disease-causing bacteria.

In the last part of a dental cleaning session, a prophy paste is used. Prophy paste has the property of removing any remaining plaque from teeth surfaces by dissolving into the finer texture. This can make your teeth get bright, shiny, and smooth. After a dental cleaning, the dentist will give you guidance on good brushing techniques so that you can properly maintain your oral hygiene.


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