Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants act as a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. You don’t have to deal with removable bridges or dentures anymore. With the help of dental implants, even if you lose your teeth, you can regain the ability to eat and smile. At Smile Forever Atlanta, we offer the best implants to our patients. During your consultation, Dr. Patel will be able to determine your dental problem and provide the best restorative option according to individual needs. 

Why is replacing missing teeth necessary?

It is essential to replace missing teeth, as that helps in maintaining the health of the  jawbone. The longer a tooth is missing from the jawbone, the more likely the chances of bone loss in that area . That is why it is vital to replace a tooth as soon as it is lost. Dental implants are artificial replacements for natural teeth. Titanium is used to make implants; it is the same metal from which hip and other joint replacements are made. The actual dental implant replaces the tooth root of the missing tooth, by acting as an anchor to secure the replacement tooth or teeth. Implants do not cause any harm to the healthy natural adjacent teeth and would help to  replace the missing teeth. This will reduce the risk of root canals and decay under crowns in the future. Over time, more of the jaw bone would start to disintegrate, and if left untreated, it would be hard to place an implant.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

The following are the advantages of dental implants:

  • They help in restoring the confidence to laugh and talk.
  • They do not need the support of adjacent teeth.
  • The whole tooth and missing root are replaced.
  • Your facial structures are preserved. 
  • You can finally chew comfortably, without any worries.
  • You will be able to eat anything you want or enjoy all your favorite food and have better health as well as good in-take of nutrition. 
  • Keeping your implants clean is quite an easy task. It needs the care that you provide to the other natural teeth, i.e., brushing and flossing. 


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