General Dentistry

General Dentistry

At Smile Forever Atlanta, patients are provided overall oral care in the area of general dentistry. There are several general dental care services. A general dentist provides the right treatment and makes you understand all the options that they have and would help treat you with great care. 

What are the common general services provided?

The common general services provided are, as follows:

Protective Crowns and Fixed Bridges: A cracked tooth, a tooth that is no longer structurally sound or has a large filling with decay underneath, can be repaired and strengthened with the help of a porcelain crown. Crowns cover the entire tooth and also give a realistic appearance. Fixed bridges can replace missing teeth with good results, as they are cemented on supporting teeth for a natural feel and appearance. 

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays: Porcelain inlays/onlays are bonded into the tooth when it gets weak by decay and fillings, or when the rest of the tooth structure is prone to fracturing. These inlays/onlays are custom-made pieces created by a dental lab using a mold of the tooth — much as a crown is made. 

Bonding/Tooth-Colored Filling: Bonding restores your teeth to their natural appearance, as well as strengthen the tooth instead of just filling a hole with metal.

Extractions and Oral Surgery: Dr. Patel provides a wide range of dental care services for his patients who seek for optimal dental health. The dentist also offers extractions and other oral surgery procedures to patients in a relaxed and supportive environment, which they enjoy regularly.

Gum Disease and Halitosis: Periodontal disease is a painless infection of the gums, and so, it is essential to go for a regular dental checkup. If left untreated; it can cause severe deterioration in healthy gums, lead to the loss of bone mass and teeth structure. It can also lead to halitosis or bad breath. At Smile Forever Atlanta, we take care of the patient’s complete dental health by assessing every patient for periodontal health at the outset of treatment. Digital X-rays are used to provide detailed images of the teeth, jaws, and other structures in your mouth, and then the required treatment would be provided based on the findings.

Oral Cancer Screening: The whole mouth is usually screened by a dentist for oral cancer at least twice a year to detect its early stages as initial cases of oral cancer would be easy to treat. It is necessary to go for dental examinations and cleanings as per the schedule.


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