Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Why do you need to get your wisdom teeth removed?

If there isn’t enough space in your mouth for your third molars to get fully erupted, then certain problems could occur. It is better to get an impacted wisdom tooth removed before their root structure gets fully developed. In some people, they erupt as early as twelve or thirteen, and in others, it may not be until in their early twenties. Some of the common problems related to not removing your wisdom teeth include infection, cyst formation, crowding, and damage to neighboring teeth. Hence, wisdom tooth extraction is essential to save your overall teeth structure. 

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting can help in repairing the implant sites with an inadequate bone structure which occurs due to previous extractions, gum disease, or injuries. The bone is either obtained from a tissue bank or the jaw, hip, or tibia. Sinus bone grafts are usually performed for replacing bone in the posterior upper jaw. Major bone grafts are typically done to repair any defects of the jaws. 

When is orthognathic surgery required?

Orthognathic surgery is required if the upper and bottom jaws don’t meet correctly or if the teeth don’t fit appropriately within the jaw. With the help of orthodontics, the teeth are straightened, and a misaligned jaw is repositioned with corrective jaw surgery. This will improve your facial appearance and also make sure that your teeth meet correctly and function properly.

What is pre-prosthetic surgery?

Pre-prosthetic surgery is usually referred to as the preparation of the mouth before placing a prosthesis. Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures before receiving a partial or complete denture in order to make sure a maximum level of comfort. The denture would sit on the bone ridge, hence the bone needs to be in proper shape and size. If a tooth extraction is required, the underlying bone might be sharp and uneven. For the denture to fit well, the bone might be smoothed or reshaped. In some cases, excess bone removal may be needed before denture insertion.


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