Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are sometimes also called implant overdentures and are actually an innovative method of tooth replacement that has several unique benefits over traditional removable dentures. Traditional dentures require suction or an adhesive to be held in place, and so they can potentially move along the gums. Patients might often feel discomfort, impaired speech, food limitations, and troublesome gum irritation. But implant overdentures are designed to stay securely in place using dental implants for retention and stability, and also resolves many of the inconveniences.

A key element for the success of implant overdentures is the set of dental implants that are strategically placed along the gums to make the denture stay in place. Dental implants are made of titanium that fuse to the jawbone and provide great stability for the denture. Each denture is customized to fit perfectly in the mouth for a secure, comfortable fit, and beautiful smile.

What happens during the implant denture procedure?

The procedure starts with the placement of the dental implants surgically, as it will hold your overdentures in its position. But before beginning this phase of treatment, you and your prosthodontist will decide on the most suitable way of sedation to prevent dental anxiety and discomfort while undergoing the procedure. After providing some local anesthesia, your prosthodontist will place the titanium implant posts into your jawbone according to the details of the treatment plan. 

These implants are then allowed to heal for some months until the jawbone tissue fuses with the titanium posts through a process called osseointegration. While the implants are healing, a temporary denture will be placed. Once the implants heal entirely and the final denture gets ready, your prosthodontist will remove the temporary denture and place the new final denture. The prosthodontist also checks the fit and aesthetics to make sure it functions properly and gives a natural-looking appearance.

What are the benefits of getting implant dentures?

The benefits of implant dentures include:

  • A beautiful and natural-looking smile
  • Stronger bite
  • Fewer food limitations
  • Improved speech
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Preserved jawbone density
  • Minimized wear to gums
  • A boost in self-esteem 
  • Renewed confidence


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